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The clarity of a diamond is an essential element to determine the quality of this gemstone. To estimate it, it is necessary to analyse the number and the position of the inclusions which contains the stone. These inclusions are tiny not crystallized tracks of carbons or the small crystals inside the diamond.

The highest mark, reserved for the rarest and most sought diamonds, is FL for ” flawless “, proof of the total absence of inclusions or imperfections. IF comes then which means ” internally flawless “, the diamond presents some imperfections but no inclusion; VVSI, for ” very, very slight inclusions “, is tiny inclusions hard to see with a swelling; VS or ” very slight ” (very light); IF or ” slight ” (light); then I, for obvious inclusions which affect the brightness.

In terms of clarity, the Maison de Grace works only in the range of FL to SI2 (” slight inclusions”), so that in the naked eye the diamond is always perfect.

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